The Truth About Animals

Lucy Cooke

The Truth About Animals

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No one can figure out how eels have sex - Lucy Cooke

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Every chapter in The Truth About Animals investigates a uniquely kooky corner of the natural world. Lucy Cooke's sprawling collection of essays covers the hippo invasion of South America, the tricky politics of hyena reproduction, and the seasonal antics of drunken moose. But these stories invariably end up being just as much about remarkable animals as they are about the crafty, determined, and eccentric humans who study them. More often than not, these scientists are just as entertaining as their objects of study. They seduce pandas, put underpants on frogs, and train vultures to solve crimes all in the name of science! Reading this book constantly reminds you that the path towards truth isn't so much a straight line as it is an absurd pinball machine of winding rails and trap doors. 

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Dan Kwartler, TED-Ed Team

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