The Sandman

Neil Gaiman

The Sandman

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How do you know you’re not dreaming? - Daniel Gregory

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Neil Gamain’s The Sandman is a legend of a graphic novel. Lush, dark, full of fantasy, mythology, and horror it begs the question of what is real and what is The Dreaming. Morpheus, aka Sandman is an anthropomorphic version of dreams and after a long hiatus from his realm he’s back and assessing the damage that crept in during his long absence. While righting some wrongs, he’s also grappling with the idea of change and its inevitability…a hard concept to grasp when you’ve been set in your ways since time began.  

With the release of the Audible version, Neil Gaimin’s rich storytelling and larger than life characters have jumped off the pages and into our speakers…creating a truly immersive world that is almost dizzying in its effects.

Recommended by:
Anna Bechtol, TED-Ed Team

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