The Master and Margarita

Mikhail Bulgakov

The Master and Margarita

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Why should you read “The Master and Margarita”? - Alex Gendler

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The devil arrives in Moscow at the height of the Soviet Union, with a surreal plan: to cause chaos and mischief amongst the seemingly subdued Russian literary elite. Accompanied by a flamboyant entourage that includes a talking cat with a particular taste for vodka, Woland (the devil), turns the city into his playground, exposing that even in Communist Russia, greed and envy are truly what drive people. It isn't a surprise that a political satire written in magical surrealism is notoriously difficult to translate; one that we highly recommend (and which comes recommended by native Russian speakers), is that of Diana Burgin & Katherine Tiernan O'Connor. And this translation, by Michael Karpelson, comes highly recommended by Audible listeners. 

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Gerta Xhelo, TED-Ed Team

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