Thanks A Thousand: A Gratitude Journey

A. J. Jacobs

Thanks A Thousand: A Gratitude Journey

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The life cycle of a cup of coffee - A.J. Jacobs

Why we love this book:
Thanks A Thousand goes down as easily - and almost as quickly - as a cup of coffee. The premise is simple: who exactly is responsible for your morning joe? Jacobs approaches his investigation with dedication and above all, infectious curiosity. Over the course of his journey, this one question reveals itself to be a hundred questions, with increasingly complicated answers. This single product is part of a massive web of industry and history, and there are so many stories to untangle here. But ultimately, all these questions point back to the same answer: hard-working people. For a book about the global supply chain, Jacobs never loses sight of the individuals who keep the whole machine moving.

Recommended by:
Daniel Kwartler, TED-Ed Team

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