Sourdough: A Novel

Robin Sloan

Sourdough: A Novel

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The beneficial bacteria that make delicious food - Erez Garty

Why we love this book:
As a selfish person, I have a strict no babysitting policy: no kids, no cats, no cactuses. In Sourdough, Lois, an overworked software engineer, agrees to babysit a sourdough starter, proving that even fictional busy people are better people than me. A starter is a mixture of flour and water that incubates the active microbes that cause bread to rise. Lois’ starter though, is not only alive, it’s sentient. This fantastical and humorous novel pokes fun at our relationship with food without being preachy. And as you may suspect, it has also succeeded in extending the parameters of my babysitting policy.


Recommended by:
Rob Smith, TED Team

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