Atlas of the Heart

Brené Brown

Atlas of the Heart

Recommendation inspired by:
The myth of Narcissus and Echo - Iseult Gillespie

Why we love this book:

After the past two years we all need a little help interpreting and processing our emotions. Brene Brown's Altas of the Heart gives us the vocabulary and tools to express what we are feeling, and by extension, how to deeply understand our feelings. 

I loved the way the book is divided up into the "places we go". It becomes a literal map which I go back to when I'm struggling to identify my reaction to a certain situation. The difference between disappointment and regret is hard to articulate, but Brown manages to distill it down with simple but clear delineations, and in doing so gives you the tools to choose the best approach to take to handle those unique emotions.

Recommended by:
Bethany Cutmore-Scott, TED-Ed Team

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