What We Owe the Future

William MacAskill

What We Owe the Future

Recommendation inspired by: What if you experienced every human life?

Why we love this book: 

I read this book six months ago and still think about it on a daily basis. The core argument here is that we’re at a critical moment in the broad sweep of human history, and the choices we make today could affect trillions of not-yet-born humans. So how do we balance the needs and lives of future generations against our own? What are the choices we can make today that can lead to a boundless future and minimize our chances of wiping ourselves off the face of the planet? William MacAskill unpacks ideas that have every right to be existentially terrifying with an unflappable optimism that genuinely gives me hope for our future. If I could wish one book into the hands of every world leader, it would be this.

Recommended by:
Alex Rosenthal, TED-Ed Team

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