George Zaidan


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The bug that poops candy - George Zaidan

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Why we love this book:

Have you ever experienced headlines that alternate from one week to the next: COFFEE IS KILLING YOU... then COFFEE MAKES YOU LIVE FOREVER... followed by NO REALLY COFFEE CAUSES CANCER... and so on? Do you find this informational whiplash equal parts mystifying and infuriating? Then this is the book for you. George Zaidan guides the reader through the scientific thicket that encompasses all things nutrition with both clarity and hilarity, making the book a joy to read. Along the way you'll learn what Cheetos actually are; how we know with absolute certainty that smoking kills people; how sunscreen actually works, and so, so much more. Recommended for mature audiences who don't mind profanity and some ribald humor.

We're particularly excited to recommend this book because George has been working with TED-Ed for many years as the author and narrator of multiple lessons.

Recommended by:
Alex Rosenthal, TED-Ed Team

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